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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Phineas T. Freakears is one of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, a trio of hippies portrayed in Gilbert Sheltons underground comix of that name. He is the hairiest of the trio, with an Afro-type hairstyle, a beard and moustache obscuring all of his face but his eyes, his long, pointy nose and his mouth. He is tall and skinny, and usually dresses in overalls. Like the other Brothers, he does not normally affect the more extreme counterculture styles. He is the only Brother to wear glasses. Phineas is idealistic, and will often veto, or at least attempt to veto, plans that conflict with his vision of how things should be. He is sometimes portrayed as a vegetarian, but will eat meat at other times. His beliefs are apparently fairly standard for the stereotypical hippie, being mainly concerned with pacifism, ecology, concern for Third World peoples, and for the downtrodden in general. He is the most educated of the Freak Brothers -he is apparently knowledgeable enough in chemistry to have created new drugs, and, as befits his idealism, he keeps up on current events. Phineas was born in Texas, and went back to visit his family once. The visit did not go well. As with the other Freak Brothers, Phineas is lazy, save only where the acquisition of drugs is concerned. He is an enthusiastic user of all drugs save possibly heroin.