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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Minoritaire was a 1982 album by Jean-Jacques Goldman, his second solo album sung in French. It received a platinum album in 1983 and has sold over 900,000 copies. It was recorded at the Studio Gang by Olivier do Espirito Santo and Jean-Pierre Janiaud. It was released by NEF and produced by Marc Lumbroso. The musicians include:
Guy Delacroix, bass
Christophe Deschamps and Marc Chantereau, percussion
Albane Alcalay, Guy Alcalay, Jean-Jacques Goldman, and Jean-Pierre Janiaud, vocals
Jean-Yves dAngelo and Jean-Jacques Goldman, keyboards
Claude Engel and Jean-Jacques Goldman, acoustic guitar
Claude Engel, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Nono Krief (Jeanine Medicament Blues, Minoritaire) and Patrice Tison, electric guitar
Jumpin Ramon Roche, piano (Minoritaire)
Patrick Bourgoin and Philippe Delacroix-Herpin, saxophone
Georges Rodi, synthesizer
Patrick Mondon, violin (Comme toi)

Track listing

Au bout de mes r�ves
Comme toi
Toutes mes chaines
Jeanine Medicament Blues
Veiller tard
Quand la musique est bonne
Je ne vous parlerai pas delle
Etre le premier
Si tu memm�nes
Quand la bouteille est vide


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