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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


John ODonoghue (born May 1956) is a senior Irish Fianna F�il politician and is currently the Irish Minister for Arts, Sport & Tourism. He has been a TD (parliament) for County Kerry since 1987. He has previously served as Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform (1997-2002). ODonoghue was born in Caherciveen County Kerry and was educated locally at Caherciveen Christian Brothers and University College Cork. He qualified from the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland with a degree in law. He established himself as a solicitor in his home town before getting involved in local politics. In 1985 he was elected to Kerry County Council, serving as Chairman in 1990 until his retirement from local politics in 1991. In 1987 ODonoghue was elected to D�il �ireann as a Fianna F�il TD on his fourth attempt. He was appointed Minister of State at the Department of Finance in 1991. However, since ODonohue was a supporter of Charles Haughey he returned to the backbenches when Albert Reynolds became Taoiseach and Fianna F�il leader in 1992. In 1994 Bertie Ahern became leader of Fianna F�il. When he named his Irish Opposition Front Bench in early 1995 ODonoghue was appointed Opposition Spokesman for Justice. As spokesman for Justice he constantly critiscised the Fine Gael Irish Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform, Nora Owen. He demanded zero tolerance and campaigned for harsher sentencing and increased prison places. In 1997 Fianna F�il returned to power and ODonoghue joined the Irish Government as Irish Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform. In that portfolio he received criticism for his Departments poor handling of the ever-increasing rise in asylum seekers. This position also led to his involvement in the British-Irish negotiations leading to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 In 2002, in what was seen as a demotion, he was appointed Irish Minister for Arts, Sport & Tourism. He has worked hard and well in this portfolio and although mentioned as a contender for Foreign Affairs, he retained his position following the Cabinet reshuffle of September 29, 2004. This was mostly welcomed by the industry.

Cabinet Positions

Preceded by:
Nora Owen
Irish Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform
Followed by:
Michael McDowell
Preceded by:
Jim McDaid
Irish Minister for Arts, Sport & Tourism
Followed by:
(Current Incumbent)


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I have never imagined that there weren't any need in large initial investment.
Now, I feel good, I started take up real income.
It's all about how to select a correct partner who utilizes your funds in a right way - that is incorporate it in real deals, and shares the profit with me.

You may ask, if there are such firms? I'm obliged to answer the truth, YES, there are. Please get to know about one of them:

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